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Helping expecting and new parents gain confidence with their newborn

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I offer a variety of support services personalized for each client.  Each session is a one-on-one, hands-on meeting (with the option of Zoom if needed).  Pricing is dependent on the services you chose and the number of consults. Consultations range from a one time, 2 hour consult, to ongoing, daily meetings after the baby is born.

Helping You Prepare

Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming, and knowing what to buy and how to organize your home can be confusing, all while trying to prepare for childbirth itself.  I offer consultations covering everything from how many swaddles do you need to the stages of labor. No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support and answering questions. 

Postpartum Support and Building Confidence

Postpartum support and Newborn Care is based around supporting you and your baby in anyway you need. I am here to help you with bathing, swaddling, feeding, sleeping, burping, and everything else related to having a newborn. By offering postpartum support, my goal is to reduce any stress, and help build your confidence with your newest addition.

New Mama Group Sessions

The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is still thrown around, yet the village is becoming harder to find. In these group sessions we will come together, with other new moms, to explore the world of motherhood, together.


Everything you need for the labor room, postpartum recover and breastfeed support.

Every package is completely customizable. Add or remove any items.

This package includes:

hand lotion, lip balm, Kleenex, almond oil, calming aromatherapy blend, brush and hair elastics, face wipes, a water bottle, snacks and much more.


Everything you need to bring with you to the labor room (expect your personal items).

This package includes: 

postpartum pads, padsicle mix, hemorrhoid pads, peri-bottle, Aloe First, postpartum underwear, snacks and other essential healing items.


It can be overwhelming to know what to get for your postpartum recovery, luckily, we have everything right here!

This package includes: 

Healing scar pads, postpartum pads, Aloe First, postpartum underwear, almond oil and scar massage instructions, snacks and more.

Healing from a c-section is difficult and we understand this, and have put together a C-section recovery kit specifically focused on helping you heal after birth.

This package includes: hot/cold breast pads, organic nipple cream, breast pads and lactation cookies.


No matter what, there is a learning curve for everyone when breastfeeding a new baby. There is a new bond that is being created, and a little relief might be called for.

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About me

Hi, I’m Jen and I’m 34 years old. I am originally from Canada, but I have lived in Israel for over 10 years. I met my husband soon after I moved here, and we have been married for more than 6 years. I have an energy filled 13-year-old stepson and 2 beautiful girls, Emilia (4 years old) and Olivia (2.5 years old).

I worked in digital marketing for most of my adult working life. After my youngest was born, I took an extended maternity leave and stayed home with her. When the time came to begin looking for a job again, I was not overly excited about going back into the marketing world. I wanted to do something I loved and was passionate about. When I really thought about it, the answer was so clear. BABIES! I love everything pregnancy and newborn.

As someone whose family lives in a different country, I know what it is like to have babies here in Israel and feel alone and isolated. I was lucky enough to have my mom here for the first couple of weeks after birth, but there are many women who do not have that luxury, especially in these COVID-19 times. Even though my mom was here, she went back to Canada after a couple of weeks and I had a whole new world to navigate, alone (or so it seemed).

After a lot of researching, studying and courses I decided to launch my business: Confident Mama. My goal is to make sure no mom ever feels they are alone or not confident with their newborn. I want to be a consultant, friend, mom, shoulder, and confidante for new moms. Whether it is your first baby or your 5th, I am here to help and guide you. I want everyone I work with to walk away from our sessions feeling like a strong, confident mama.

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"Jen was professional, compassionate, realistic, and supportive. She literally helped me to feel like a "confident mama" From answering practical questions about sleep, to offering tips for how to help my older children through the transition, all of her advice was down to earth and doable.

She had an intuitive sense of what I needed, as a mom and as a human; the small act of holding the baby so I could shower was something I never would have asked her to do, but it was exactly what I needed in that moment."

-- Kate

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